Right, I know I'll be chastised for coming to the Pit with this, but I'm not telling my friends because they'll think I'm really fvcked up, and I'm not going to a doctor because I don't know what I'd say.

Basically, since about a week and a half ago (the sunday before last) I've had only two nights that I've not had a couple of alcoholic drinks (monday night and tonight), due to the fact that we've been celebrating being back in uni and whatnot. Every night with the alcohol, I've gotten to sleep very easily, as per, but both nights without have been fairly nightmarish.

Monday night I was having a dream about a love triangle sort of situation, and at the end of the dream I'm about to go to sleep when one of the girls in the triangle sort of crawls along the bed and kisses me. So far so good, right? At this point I wake up, and confusing dream with reality I think, 'whoah, is someone in my bed?' and I sit up and there is. I was sat there, in front of myself, with a totally distorted face. So I sort of swung my arms through this apparent doppelgänger, went straight through it and down onto my covers and the thing was gone, but I was spooked. After that, managed to sleep pretty peacefully, putting it down to my confused mind perhaps thinking it was still dreaming.

Tonight I experienced something terrible. I was reading about Guillermo de Toro's latest projects, came across the fact that he was doing a Lovecraft film adaptation, At the Mountains of Madness, and decided to look it up.
I know that the fact that omglovecraftcthuhlu is a part of the story will probably make people call BS, but it is what it is.

So I find that on wikisource you can read the whole book for free, and I figure, "11am lecture, nothing else on tomorrow, might as well!" so I start reading it. The story tells of a scientific expedition into the southern polar regions, and the unearthing of unearthly beings. The description of the alien lifeforms, or Elder Things, is vivid, as it is described in a scientific manner from the perspective of a biologist, and I was curious to see what other people had interpreted the descriptions as, so googled them. I spent about 20 minutes just thinking about and looking at pictures of these things.

When it comes to 4am, I had read the first 3 chapters of the book: alien lifeforms had been discovered, and madness had befallen the team that discovered them, leading to deaths and insane ritual burials, so I decide to hit the hay. I have trouble getting to sleep initially, and when I am asleep I begin to dream of the Elder Things.
Basically my dream involved my being on a research team in a university looking into the biology of these things, and at the goings on of the expedition. The research team included Ralf Little, for no apparent reason, and I'm pretty sure the dream was pretty lighthearted.

About an hour and a quarter after falling asleep, something happened to me that I can't tell if it was in the dream or as I woke, but basically I was lying in bed and started thinking of an ominous tune, dark and foreboding, when I looked over to the doorway and saw a shadow against the wall of an Elder Thing approaching my doorway. My body sort of froze up in a weird way, my arms slightly contorted, and I screamed in a low, strange manner, as though even my vocal chords were paralysed.

It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. What happened? Am I going insane, or did I just wake up so soon because I had a cup of tea before going to bed? Alcohol withdrawal? I'm not feeling scared right now, as such, just really fvcked up, almost violated.

TL;DR? I hallucinated monday night, and had some sort of sleep paralysis episode about 2 hours ago, featuring Lovecraftian horrors. Help?
Head over to the nightmare inducement thread, You'll never sleep again. Problem solved
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I actually read all that. I have nothing else to comment on.
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@MH400: I think you're right, dude. I'm gonna go with that, I think, and hope I can manage to sleep a few nights without nightmares.

and yeah, I'm gonna see if it becomes a persistent problem before I go to a doctor, which I know is probably a terrible idea, but I don't like going to the doctors.
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EDIT: Srsly, the alcohol is probably messing with your sleep patterns.
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I am literally not clicking on that link without some explanation as to what it is, as I fear it may be something to destroy what is left of my sanity.
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I am literally not clicking on that link without some explanation as to what it is, as I fear it may be something to destroy what is left of my sanity.

We are coming for you, TS.

You should lay off the alcohol.
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The truth is, Muslims never apologized for their faith having something to do with the attacks on 9/11.
Honestly lay of the alcohol, as has been said already, and see how that goes. It's probably not healthy to binge on alcohol like that for days at a time. Hopefully you'll feel better and be back to perfect functioning order in a few days.
Binging for that many days will mess with you, and give you some freaky dreams sometimes. Like everyone else has said, lay off the sauce, and don't read Lovecraft until the wee hours of the morning.

Play Castlevania or something if you must.
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Binging for that many days will mess with you, and give you some freaky dreams sometimes. Like everyone else has said, lay off the sauce, and don't read Lovecraft until the wee hours of the morning.

Play Castlevania or something if you must.

Yeah, the boozing was due to fresher's week (or 'refreshers' being a second year), not gonna set a trend like that to continue.
And yeah, I was considering playing videogames right now, but the only game I currently have installed on my laptop is Call of Cthuhlu
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Get drunk AND smoke weed.
Makes for a good night.
And a good sleep.
If you have a good sleep you don't have dreams... or at least don't remember them.

But seriously, lay off the booze bro.

Stupid advice. That just makes you feel like shit

Looks like people agree with moi: Lay off the booze, brah.
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Yeah, thanks guys, firstly for reading the mass of text I posted.
I'm gonna lay off the booze, see if I can't get a few decent nights rest, might even post back with updates
Sounds like you just had a minor sleep paralysis episode. I get the same thing too, occasionally. I wouldn't blow it out of proportion at the moment, unless it begins affecting your daily life.
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you are clearly tripping balls, TS.

this vid shows some common symptoms of sleep paralysis, and ways of getting through it. I'd suggest watching it.


also, read this story:

"Daddy, I had a bad dream."
You blink your eyes and pull up on your elbows. Your clock glows red in the darkness—it's 3:23.
"Do you want to climb into bed and tell me about it?"
"No, Daddy."
The oddness of the situation wakes you up more fully. You can barely make out your daughter's pale form in the darkness of your room. "Why not, sweetie?"
"Because in my dream, when I told you about the dream, the thing wearing Mommy's skin sat up."
For a moment, you feel paralyzed; you can't take your eyes off of your
daughter. Then the covers behind you begin to shift…

EDIT: On a serious note, I know exactly what you mean by that really "low" scream thing. I had sleep paralysis once a few years ago, and that same thing happened to me where you can scream... but not really. You're just still partially asleep during it, that's all. Just lay off the booze
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I get both sleep paralysis and those night terror/hallucination things. I don't know how to get them to go away, but I wish you the best of luck. I don't really even drink, so I'll keep an eye on this thread for alternate theories.
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it sounds like sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis happens when the you are transitioning either from being asleep to awake, or vise versa. Basically you are awake enough to open your eyes and have a look around but your body is asleep, so you are paralyzed until you either fully wake up, or go back to sleep.

Often times these episodes are accompanied by extremely vivid auditory, visual or tactile hallucinations.

It is very common and as far as I know, it is completely natural and nothing to worry about and there is no evidence to suggest that these instances can be physically harmful. If they keep happening, however, I would see a doctor; there may be something bugging you that you aren't aware of.


It is also possible to experience hallucinations without the accompanied paralysis, which seems to be the case with your first experience when you found someone in your bed.

If you are interested, I posted a blog about a series of these hallucinations that I had a few years ago.

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You're in college right? And booze? And feel violated?


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When you sleep, your body automatically shuts off the ability to control your muscles so that this doesn't happen. Occasionally, you regain consciousness before you regain muscle control, which also results in the brain continuing whatever you were dreaming about before you woke up until you get control of your muscles back.
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Sleep with the lights on?
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Your mind is is just ****ing with you. When you are asleep/near sleep, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are switching shifts. You're drinking a lot recently and reading creepy shit is probably making your subconscious all agitated and whatnot, so that when you're in that between-zone, the thoughts you had before going to bed seem to become real. A good way to tell if you're dreaming is to you need to wake up. Wake up.

But srsly just get some rest.
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