When we are asked what 'type' of music we play, we can never give a definite answer: with influences drawn from various styles such as blues, jazz, hard rock, reggae, and even some cultural music, The Broken Rubber Band truly has something for everyone. Call us a jam band; call us a fusion band; you can call us what you want, but we don't label ourselves. We just play what we feel! We like for our songs to take you on an adventure; they tend to have multiple movements, and we love a good jam session.

You can check out all of our videos and recorded tracks on our facebook:

I hope you check us out and like what you hear!

The Broken Rubber Band truly took shape in July of 2010 with the addition of the lead guitarist, Randall Head. At this point, the band began rewriting preexisting material and churned out new songs at a quick pace. A few shows later, the drummer at the time left the band. For the next 3 months, the band was without a drummer, and started to practice often and focus purely on music. Songs were revamped, new songs were written, and a few acoustic videos were released; however, with a busy October approaching, the need for a drummer was the first priority. A friend of the band named Cody came to the band at the perfect time. Cody was just what the band needed - a great drummer. Practices became long and frequent, as the drummer was taught all of the music in a short period of time. The Broken Rubber Band is Cullen, Carson, Randall, and Cody.