Do these exist?

That is.. a cable with guitar jack on one end and a USB jack on the other end?

If so, would I be able to use just that to plug into my pc and play stuff/record stuff? I'm guessing if that's possible that I'd also be able to plug in my amp to that from the line out.

I read some threads around here but didn't see this specific question(tired so that might not be helping).
Line6 Studio UX2 can also be a possibility, look that up. It also comes with different amp models for distortions and different effects.
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Esparko, that looks really cool! I like how it's USB capable. Would be nice to be able to plug in and hear/record my guitar on my headset for my pc.

Now all i would need to do is get one and figure out how to record myself playing over backing tracks!

Sleepytime is here thought ;( feel free to reply if you have other ideas and such! that line6 one looks sweet so far
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