So, i did a wikipedia search on jack white cause i wanted to know more about his guitar that he got modified in "it might get loud" you know the one i mean, "a custom Gretsch Anniversary Jr. with two cutaways, a built-in retractable microphone, and a theremin next to the Bigsby. Jack has dubbed this one the "Triple Green Machine"-wikipedia. and that one bit intrigues me. A theremin mounted on a guitar? someone care to elaborate on the possibilities of this? Any ideas at all? If not, its a nice guitar....we'll discuss that instead!
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It doesn't seem that hard. You can build pretty small theremins. You would just have to cut a hole in the body to operate it, and probably have it connected to a volume knob.
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Not sure precisely how a theremin works, but is this just a second theremin type instrument built into his guitar? or does the theremin work to control tone, volume, etc?
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A theremin controlled effect... now that would be ballin.
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This looks like a good circuit I found. But that looks like an awful lot of circuitry to fit inside of a guitar. I think it'd probably be best to put the circuit elsewhere and connect the audio and antennas with a long usb cable or something.

Bah! I found something very relevant! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuvI-_0Zwno&feature=related

Oh and the other thing I thought of, was use a semi hollow and 'bind' the upper f hole with wire and use that as the volume antenna!
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