Okay, here's the skinny: I'm looking for a new Multi-effects processor and I've narrowed it down to these 3: Line 6 POD X3 Live, Boss GT 10 and Zoom G9.2tt.
At the beginning I was set on the Zoom because of the tubes(and the fact that I had a Zoom when I started out and I remember it was really cool) but I have a G2 and this thing just keeps on giving trouble... Maybe just a one-time mistake? Anyway in my quest to find the best one suited for me, I visited all kinds of forums.. read reviews ect. And I'm going to test all three next week.
Now, the question I'd like to ask you guys, how good is the USB recording quality of these? This is something I can't test in shop and the internet just keeps on contradicting itself.
Would be great help. Thanks Guys
I used to own gt-10 and loved it! The effects are HQ and they are exremely editable. The user interface is fast and easy once you get it. I did couple of usb recording sessions and the quality was good. Usually I just plugged gt-10 straight into "line in" and selected line in mode from the boss' output selector. I got ejoyable sounds after few minutes of editing!
So I'd go for the GT-10, I personnally dont like ZOOM stuff at all..
But go for the one that suits you the most!