Hey guys,
So this is the problem: it was the first time i change the strings on my el guitar,at first I changed only one string (the 5th) that was cut, but it sounded just horrible, so I went to the Musician Shop again, and this time I bought all the strings,changed them and my oh my!! rusted chains sounds better ;/// i can't play any chord . Tried to tune the guitar it was messy to,the tuner even couldn't found b string.
p.s i've both the most expensive strings that i could found. Guys please help,the third day without the guitar draws me crazy ;D !
The strings are .009/.042
You probably havn't managed to tune it up properly. Once you have the string in tune you need to break them in by bending them and re-tuning.

If the string is soo far out of tune you might find it difficult to tune via tunner. Maybe you should try tunning using another instrument or an online tunner. Then you'd be doing it by ear.

If all else fails, take it to a shop but to be honest re-stringing shouldn't be difficult and you should really learn how to do it.
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umm. try stretching the strings a bit and retune them. sometimes new string won't stay in tune so well and stretching can help. but new guitar strings will sound much brighter at first but will lose this quality after a few playing sessions.

maybe take it to the guitar shop and have them show you how to properly string your guitar and tune it.
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well i was in the guitar shop, and there wasn't any problem at all, just the string were to much stretched,that's why the tuner couldN'T find some of the notes. So mikey< u were right , i just couldn't tune my guitar properly,lol ;D anyway guys thanks fo answers ,ROCK ON!
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