Hi im hobbit and this is how i have been known since school - wow long time ago
the title more or less says it all, most people my age go out and buy that convertible sports car to try and relive their youth, not me specially as my mode of transport is quicker than 95% of cars on the road LOL
I dedcided i wanted to relearn the guitar and get the one my parents said no to when they gave me that Nylon strung Acoustic in the hopes it would stop me - wrong i played that for around 3 yrs then moved on to 'other things' which usually meant i was in trouble for something or other.
Well i bit the bullet and bought a Squier Strat and a 15w solid state amp 6months ago and started lessons, i quickly realised this was not going to cut it, and went on the hunt
i now play badly a 95' LP studio (courtesy of a good friend and Bro from the US), an Ibanez EDR470EX, and an Ibanez RGA42 without trem, all though a Marshall MG250DFX - thats me and im now looking for a BETTER amp but thats for another section
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i would reccomend a peavey vypyr for begginers, terrific for low cost amp
me playing malmsteem

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i would reccomend a peavey vypyr for begginers, terrific for low cost amp

That's not really a step up from what he has now.

I'd go for a Peavey Valveking or a Vox Valvetronix.
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Hi there.

Please post in here to introduce yourself.

Also, what you'll want to do is head over to the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum and ask those guys for help with your amp. They'll point you in the right direction; those guys know their stuff. Good luck!



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