So for uni I have to do a live song on Ableton. I figured no one else in my class is going to do anything with guitars and drums that aren't "doof doof".

So here's my first unfinished minute or so...


* Will update as I get more done.
* Let me know if you guys want recording details to.
Pretty cool idea you got going here dude. The last third of the song was pretty epic. I loved the riff. Recording wise the quality is also very good. This song would be awesome for an intro to your bands show or something. It would definitely get the crowd pumped! I'm interested to see how this song will sound when it's completed. Good job so far!


Crit any song in my bands album
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Jesus man, that rocks!

Everything works brilliant, and its all mixed damn well. It sounds very much like old Enter Shikari. The drums sound neat as hell, as do the guitars and synths aha. Really great job here. I honestly have nothing negative to say. I would love to know what you used to make it though, like whether you used a drum vst, amp sim or anything.

Check my song out if you fancy, although after my poor crit, don't feel as though you have to

@Aaron: Yeah man It's programmed drums and Amp sims, I haven't had enough experience with mics yet, though I reaaaaally want to.

@Vendetta: That "wah-y" sound is an LFO on a synth, I basically ran this synth through my guitar chain to get it so dirty.

I'm kinda getting every influence from new and old Enter Shikari, I have to do a live song with ableton controlling filters and EQ's and stuff. So I've gone with something with alot of oportunity to do so, even if it is generic as shit, it's for assessment so I don't care too much about my "cred" as a song writer on this one
Man that rocked, loved the mixing on it and I've never heard a whole lot of techno-metal so this was kinda fresh to me, was nice man.

Love the synth effect too.

Got nothing negative to say haha
That is awesome.

Well, the start is ok. But I love the trance over the breakdown. If you do more stuff like that, it will be insane.

When the final thing is done, can you PM me with a link to download it?
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Its good, reminds me of attack attack and asking alexandria.
What recording program you using?
What guitar amp sim do you actually use, and what do you use for your drums too? They sound a hell of alot better than what I get with addictive drums
Really nice, I just have some questions, were the drums recorded live? if not what plug-in is that?

Also, is that dub effect at the start actually played on the guitar?
Dude, you ruined it

It feels like its building and building, then you go slow and it loses its momentum

I like the first half of the new bit. Then when it goes mellow, it should be similar to the trance breakdown bit.

Sad stack.

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Quote by seanington
I tried to go "unexpected".

It's still early days on this one. it's going to change for sure.

The first link that you posted, can you give me a download link?

I want to blast it around New Zealand in my car
RIP Tom Searle.
That guitar-synth thing is really wild & interesting (though I would have turned it down a bit & had a little less distortion on it). Otherwise, the sound quality of everything sounds very good. Riff-wise, I think the guitar & keyboards sound very good. Drums are very good also. Keep working on it man! Please review my music at this link:

Quote by MH400
The first link that you posted, can you give me a download link?

I want to blast it around New Zealand in my car

You can right click and save these links bro
dude i loved your songs. I really think you should record bands! that was killer!
i think UG should have a sub forum to the gear ads... for like recording equipment. not just guitars and amps and that stuff
I want more.

That was seriously cool. I was expecting the usual synth sounds, not a real guitar and drums.

How'd you do it? I love it.
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Damn dude, this is sounding nice. If you had someone to reamp your guitars this would be near perfect.
I can see you're getting into producing dupstep which is awesome. I'm doing a little bit myself.
And you've finally upgraded to Superior and even SSD!

How are you liking the Yamaha's?
I plan on getting a pair of HS80M's around Christmas time.

Oh, and I finally change my guitars strings (still using a 200$ LTD..), so check out one of my mixes I recently made:
I'm still using an RP250 to record bass and guitar, haha.
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