Well Marty is one of my favourite guitarists and i have been now looking to sound like him ( yea i know its not 100% possible ) . And its not topic of gear he uses .
I know he uses alot of harmonic scales . Specially minor . Natural minor scales, pentatonic scales and lots of chromatic and outside sounding stuff .
Been learning several megadeth songs too .
So am I missing something or is that all i have to know and practice ? Thanks !
Yes. Theres a lot you're missing.

You can know a lot of words, but it still doesnt mean you can write a novel like Stephen King.

Marty knows what he's doing and mostly why it works. You need that too. The scales are just tools that he applies to the knowledge he has, and the years of practice and understanding he's developed. Music Theory is a good place to start.


He also likes exotic sound things from non-western music.

Here's an example of an asian "sounding" scale from an old instructional tape he did:


He also stresses being in control over vibrato and bending
He also uses a lot of this thing called EMOTION!. And that's why he stopped playing metal and did his own thing, he said it was because he didn't like expressing himself in only "gun-metal silver" and would rather use other colours like "red, pink and blue". Well it was something like that.
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I'd recommend TS learn some music theory. Cuz who cares if you can copy Marty 100% correctly? No one. But if you can understand the ideas he uses (and that requires basic music theory), then you can develop stuff that is unique and affects people.
Marty is THE king of phrasing. Great guitar player.
There's some things you can do to try to replicate his style.
His "default" scale seems to be phrygian. He likes quick slides (say from fret 12, up the neck and back to fret 12 etc) and 1.5-2 step bends.
For fast playing he seems to be using more legato rather than picking every note. He also likes big stretches.

I wish I could play like him
Unfortunately my style's closer to Mustaine, lol
Marty knows the theory behind chords, scales, and how they relate, and has a wide array of influences from many different places and artists. I think learning theory, technique, having a variety of influences, and most importantly, learning how to apply it all is what you are looking for.

Also, FWIW, check out Chris Poland too. He was in Megadeth, and has a mixed rock/ jazz fusion style. Also, Al Pitrelli is great as well. Hell, there are a lot of great players.

OK, I'm rambling now, LOL.
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