This is awesome! Me and a friend made a film called Death (link in my sig) for our A Level Media coursework. Our college put our film forward to be selected and it won! Only 9 films out of hundreds of submissions are being shown. It's called the Underexposed Festival (I believe) and it's in Manchester.

I'm so happy!

Has anyone else had their work like this shown? Have you ever had some artwork go on display, film, etc?

(Don't include live music shows unless it was a prestigious thing. Even I can get a gig if I wanted one)
I've had a few exhibitions of my paintings and photos. Last time I sold over 3k worth of paintings so that was good, I've been really lazy for the last 2 years though, not much motivation. I'm slowly loosing my interest in creating anything and that really sucks.
I exposed myself once..does that count?
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Your film deserved it TS, good job !
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Well, I have played music partially (90% of the instrumental aspect of it.) several times in front of a few hundred people.

Your video was tripping and awessome, TS!
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Not gonna lie, didn't love your film. It was well made (except the narrator, sorry but he was awful) but didn't really pack the punch I expected it too in terms of creativity or reflection. I know this film isn't about your film...but really it is. I don't mean to be rude honestly, just thought you might want a bit of criticism.
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Thanks for the support guys, it's quite awesome haha. (I completely forgot I made this thread until just now)

Gman, this is a changed version. My original script was a hell of a lot more depressing. Our group had to change it so we added the Twitter scene, etc. It's alright man, I can't expect everyone to like it.

Tempoe: 3k? I can't believe you didn't keep that up!
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I exposed myself once..does that count?

Dammit, you got in with that one before me.

Kudos my friend, Kudos.
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I had a picture i took for my photo class last year go on display at a local art store.
I loved your film. It made me a little sad.
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My drawings used to get displayed at school but then they realized they're all mildly depressing or 'evil'
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you shall now get hundreds of views as my friends watch any video i post.

That was epic man.
People in the pit take my post way too seriously.

7-String Legion

If you have a question PM me and I will always get back to you.
After watching your video;

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