Hello All!

My band has recently started gigging more frequently and we're hoping this becomes a trend. Currently I am playing a GK Backline 110 70 Watt Combo Amp. Surprisingly this thing puts out enough power to just keep up with the two guitarists (running Line 6 Spider III's I think) and a drummer. It gets a very farty flat tone when I crank it to keep up with the band so I have been looking into other amps for a while now.

My price range at most is $500 but I'm attempting to keep it as low as possible. The Acoustic series gets a lot of praise and is in my price range. I've looked at the B200h paired with the B115 cab and have also looked into the B200 combo amp. This are in my price range but I'm just not certain they'll provide that much more power I'm looking for.

So does anyone have suggestions or input on these amps or others I should look into?

BTW I play mostly hard rock/punk and my bass is a MIM Fender Precision.
Acoustic amps aren't really fantastic or extraordinary in any way, but there's nothing negative to say about them either. They're low-priced, transparent amps that are fairly sturdy and give you a lot of power without putting the hurt on your wallet.

The B200 should be fine for what you need, the general rule is you'll want around 200w+ for gigging (not an exact rule by any means, but its a fair benchmark), and unless you have an ungodly loud drummer you shouldn't find it too hard to keep up.
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I like the availability of adding a cabinet down the line with B200h/B115 and I understand you can add another cabinet with B200 combo so I don't know if their would be any further recommendations on a selection in that case.

Also since the B200h head runs at 200w and the B115 runs at 250w @ 8 ohms would I actually be pushing more power out of the combo amp rather than the stack?
acoustic b600H's are $300 right now on sale at GC. that doesn't include a cab, but damn. thats a lot of power for 300.
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I have the Acoustic B200 combo and its loud enough to keep up with my 2 guitarists who both play half stacks , and i have used an extra 4x10 cab with it before and it really does give you more power (the full 200w). I also play punk bass so i would suggest that amp to you.