I'm callin' on you brother 'cause I heard that there was another at least I've been told
But if the comfort of a lover is the reason you were bothered then you're quite controlled
Because the words that you were speaking they were cutting through your cheeks and tongue
And if I somehow find a way to say the words that I am thinking of, well it won't be enough

No it won't be enough

Well if you call me by my name then brother I will do the same, or at least I will try
Because the days that I've been living are just days that I get closer to the day I die
So if the life that you've been leading don't have something worth the bleeding then soon you'll find
That all the scabs that you've been peeling are just wounds that won't be healing, at least not this time

No not this time

Ohhh, brother of mine
Don't you know theres places I've yet to find
So hold my hand as I die
And I'll do my best to comply
But I can't make all the dull gray
Turn into something so bright
And if I break my wrists
trying to lift it at least I tried

At least I tried (x4)