So, I took my guitar in yesterday to have it set up, have the action raised a bit so I could start to teach myself slide. Told the guy that I wanted to have it playable for both regular chord work and slide. Got it home today, and the strings are a full quarter inch off the fretboard! Is this excessive, or should I just bite the bullet and readjust to this? What's the ideal height(in your opinion) for being able to pull off both regular guitar playing and slide work?
wow, i seriously doubt there are many slide players on this site dude.

i usually don't see hard numbers associated with slide playing just the standard "thicker strings and higher action". for strings, i'd probably go with 11's (at least 10's). for action, i'd actually test it myself and raise or lower accordingly basing off a compromise between the slide hitting the frets and being able to fret the string with my fingers.

1/4" is quite high unless you plan to just play slide with it, you'd probably need to lower them a bit if you still wanna fret them.


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comfortable action, high gauge is how I set my guitars up so I can play slide and stillb e able to play normally. I would go at least 11's, but it's not necessary if you have a lot of control (Billy Gibbons uses 0.08s).
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