okay, dont bash me for this but I dont know what it is simply because Ive never asked and I didnt put it in musician talk or the pit because everyone in the bass forums are more laid back and cool.
and dont link me somewhere I need an english D student explanation and perhaps a basic how to do it if its not an effect pedal
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It's hard to say, because both terms are abused (Leo Fender got it wrong)

Plus vibrato usually contains a bit of tremolo, and tremolo contains a bit of vibrato.

Vibrato is alternating changes in the pitch of a note.

Tremolo is alternating changes of the volume of the note. For a violinist it is playing the same note in rapid succession by alternating the movement of the bow.

But as I said, the terms often get used interchangeable.

For example, flute players use their diaphragm to change the volume of their instrument and call it vibrato.

Leo Fender used a vibrato mechanism on the Strat and called it a Tremolo bar (Gibson called it a Vibrola and Bigsby calls it a Vibrato unit).

Synth player that can usually control each independently usually get it right more often.

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when the pitch goes up and down quickly its vibrato, when the loudness goes up and down quickly its tremollo
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This didn't really warrant its own thread...

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