This is a box I built large enough to fit a Marshall 4x12 cab and a mic stand for home recording. There are two holes in the box to feed mic/speaker cables through. The box is fitted with sound proof foam which blocks all noise. I crank my Marshall 2204 to ten and my neighbors will never complain. The first sample is a direct sample recorded from the box. The second sample s a finished track with guitars recorded in the box. For more info:

Did you just post this here to show all of us how cool you were and how stupid we are for not thinking of this first.....

If the answer is yes then you did a good job....

BTW that thing is kinds cool... But if it were me, i would just say **** the neighbors, thats what they get for living next to a rockstar!
flintazra wrote:

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You got Carmine Appice to the drums for you...how much did you pay him?
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I've always read bigger rooms are better for guitar recording?
But that sounded great man! How much did all the materials run you?
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Hi Cheers,

Yeah i think thats true if you want some nice room reverb for different typs of sound but if you're close mic'ing the cab then I don't think it makes much of a difference. I place the mic about half an inch from the grill so it gets the sound immediately from the speakers. The foam in the box absorbs all the other noise before its bounced back towards the mic.

The total cost was about $250 but I hired a carpenter to custom build the box which was he biggest expense. If you do it yourself then the wood for the box shouldn't be more than $50 and the foam / glue is $70. Then you just cut the foam to the right size and glue it to all the surfaces. Another thing I did was put a nice thick carpet under the box cos it rumbles like crazy with the amp up loud