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Here's a song ive been working on for the last few days , its a mellow/sad acoustic thingy.

The song is inspired by a show i saw on National Geographic the other night ,
its about a Warlock Biker President who got shot in his house by an Outlaw biker because the Warlocks were expanding to rapidly in Florida and was later found by his daughter in a pool of blood.

on the funeral his family couldnt say goodbye to him because the cops used the funeral as a trap to bust the Warlocks who were coming to the funeral , and so the family had to leave before they could even say there final goodbye's , so this song is about the people who get caught up between the power for hunger , and get hurt by it.

Anyway its written in Open G. C4C.

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Not bad. Ive seen some of your other stuff before and i find it kinda cool that you use a clean guitar a lot. I gives your stuff a unique sound. Good job
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Absolutely beautiful!

I love this song of yours!

The chord progression is great and catchy.

The main melody is catchy.

I'm loving the bass outro.

The drums are a little loud, not too loud.

Not too much of a fan of the clean guitar sound, but it doesn't ruin the song at all.

I'd give it a 9/10. I loved this song.

Thanks for the crit on my song.
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1-4 Hmm i liked the intro, it was very catchy
4-8 i also liked the added synth
The chorus is okay... it will probably sound alot better with vocals
I liked the arrpegios going on in the 1st verse and the verse overall
The pre-chorus is very plain but thats okay, it still is decent
Chorus is same as above
I really liked the break, it gave it some breathing room
Verse is same as above
The theme is AWSOME and my favorite part
Verse, Pre-chorus, and chorus again
I liked the outro, it gives it a very natural feel

7.5/10 very good song!

C4C ?
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I actually remember this song from 2 years ago. It's pretty sweet, and I need to get a life
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