ok so i have about 180 bucks. might be able to stretch it to 200 bucks. and i really want to get this started. so this is what ive decided on from MF

shure sm58 package 104.99
lexicon alpha interface 79.99

i already have garageband on my macbook

I will be recording vocals/guitar/bass and prob use some kind of drum loops. my amp has an emulated line out so the mic will be for vocals only. as far as acoustics go i have an acoustic/electric so ill just run that through the amp that way i can use the amps reverb and delay.

is this the best i can do for the money?
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I would say go the the MXL 990/991 pack
i think UG should have a sub forum to the gear ads... for like recording equipment. not just guitars and amps and that stuff
I actually suggest staying with the SM58 as you said you'll be doing mostly vocals with it. The 990 and 991 are ok mics but only really shine on acoustic guitar IMO.

If you love the sound of the acoustic guitar you can always expand your mics later. but for now, I think the 58 is a fine choice to start off with and my video linked though my sig backs up the two items you've picked.

The two items you've picked out are the best you're going to get for new gear.
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