All the days, are blending together now
without different tasks to distinguish them
im sitting
im working
at my desk
I feel as if I have reached the limit of my focus
outside is the fall I remember from my childhood
filled with sweaty soccer cleats
leaves falling from the trees
peppering the sidwalks of this too small town

people pass by my dorm room in the hallway
they all look in the same direction
get a job, get a wife, make money
every single person it seems
or it could be because I just don't want to meet them
get to know if they have some deeper purpose
or know them to the point if they will acheive some deeper purpose

me, I feel like surfing on the surface of life
the cool mtv way
I don't know why but I understand now why beach bums don't want to work
Right now it seem like the best option for me
would be to get a pilots liscence and fly to fiji
or brazil
or anywhere
anywhere where I don't feel like I left my soul at home
because right now
I'm just sitting in this room
wishing I was back in highschool