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So, my little sister, Olivia, is 4. My other two siblings are nothing like me, so ever since Olivia was born I hoped she would be just like me. Well, lately I 've been trying to introduce to music. Some time last year she heard "Crazy Train" and said she loved it, so I showed her Ozzy and she loved him. But now everything I show her (all genres), she says she hates it (including "Crazy Train")!

I would love to get her to sit down and listen to a song all the way through before she says she hates it. But I don't wanna force it on her. Is it too early to be introducing her to different styles of music? When do you guys think the best time is?

And secondly (I know this probably won't be for a few more years), when would be a good time to ask her if she wants to start learning an instrument? I would love to teach her some music when she's able to understand it better, but, again, I don't wanna force it on her.

Have you guys ever had situations like this with your siblings or your own kids?
As soon as possible, honestly.

Just don't force the genre on her.
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Musical taste isn't really something you can encourage, it just happens as people mature. Learning an instrument is a good idea for anyone though and i'd say a kid should start learning as young as possible
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my brothers listen to pop, the type we all hate.
i listen to thrash metal. not good
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force her to listen to pop and r&b music all the time. when she's old enough, she'll go through the inevitable rebel phase and she'll become a rocker.
i think children in the womb should listen to music. for example instead of sticking headphones on your/your wife's stomach playing mozart, play black sabbath instead.
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ASAP but give her a choice, that DOES mean you'll probably have to play some jonas brothers at her, but only for like a second, when she has no opinion move on and forget you ever had contact with that music.
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If you want her to learn an instrument i recommend violin lessons, even if she doesn't like playing it will still be emensly valuable to her when she is older no matter what she wants to play.
Do it the indirect way, just make her not dumb and get rid of anything post 2003 Disney/Nickelodeon/Cartoon-network and she will pick up on non-crappy music genres.
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actually if you started in the womb she might have a chance its too lte now
but heavy rock and metal might be too intense for a 4 year old it might scare her just like listen ot it around her and stuff shell get used to it and maybe even like it
also you cant force her to like a genre
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Coincidentally, amniotic fluid would be a great name for a metal band.

It does doesn't it?
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My baby brother who is 7 has a crappy pretend computer. But it has polyphonic classical music and it and he loves it, so I don't even need to force anything upon him, he already likes good music.
When your kids are 4 - 10 years old, show them classic and hard rock (specifically AC/DC, KISS, Led Zeppelin, etc.)

Then, once they are about 11, show them Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Ozzy, and Van Halen. Then, you can let them go anywhere they want in metal from there.

This will turn them into a good metalhead.
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Womb, Amniotic Fluid

I love those bands!

just let them decide dude.

my lil sis is 18 month old and seems to love metal, but she has no idea what it is, to little kids its just noise and they probably enjoy your reaction to them dancing around or whatever than they do the music...

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When your kids are babies, you can let them listen to some pink floyd melodies as their sleeping music, my brother does this.
And while you are driving just play some of the known classic rock bands, every child will start to like it after a while.
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Act casual. Put the music in the background (or something similar) so when she comes in she can hear it. If she liked it she'd probably say something or ask for the name of the song.

You can't force her to like certain genres though.
I would let her make up her own mind about it seeing as musical tastes are entirely subjective. Perhaps you could at least be playing some of the music around her but don't force it upon her, just have her understand that your musical tastes are an option. 4 seems a little young though, especially since tastes change.
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If you want her to learn an instrument i recommend violin lessons, even if she doesn't like playing it will still be emensly valuable to her when she is older no matter what she wants to play.

No. Violin was extremely discouraging towards me when I was little and put me off of learning an instrument for a matter of years.

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force her to listen to pop and r&b music all the time. when she's old enough, she'll go through the inevitable rebel phase and she'll become a rocker.

Or, you could get her to listen to some REAL r&b.
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Why do you care what kind of music she listens to? You control freak.
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If your child wants to go somewhere, she obviously has to get a ride from you. Just play some music you like and see what sticks. (Even if she doesn't like something right away, with time, it will grow on you).
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I plan on my children's first full album being Jack Johnson's soundtrack for Curious George. Hell, even as a college student, I enjoy that album. I'll probably play it when they're old enough to understand the words. Probably before then too.
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Have them listen to mainstream pop/rap shit so when they turn 12 or 13 they'll listen to the opposite, which is what you wanted them to do in the first place.

Flawless victory, motherfucker.
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Well of course I don't want to force it on her. I hate people that do that. My mom used to punish me if I didn't play piano and for years I hated it (I love it now, but that's not the point).

I just don't want her screaming "I don't like this!!" after 2 seconds of it starting. And I don't particularly care what genres she likes (except pop), I just wanna kno when will the average child start to understand differences in genres? When will her musical preferences start to be more consitent instead of a new favorite song every day?

And the instrument thing, of course I wouldn't try to teach her an instrument now. Whether she said yes or no, she probably wouldn't mean it. Whatever her answer would be, it would change the next day. When, though, could the average child answer that question and mean it?

I don't wanna know how to force genres or instruments on her, I just wanna kno when to ask her. When will she know the answer?

If it's an answer I don't like, I'll just shrug my shoulders and forget about it.
the earlier you start kids on music and playing, the more likely they are to develop perfect pitch. it's definitely something that has to be learned during the formative years. either that or the japanese are just genetically superior to other races: nearly 70% of japanese music students in conservatories have perfect pitch.

it's been suggested that 2-4, perfect pitch can be learned. but the same training on kids 5 and older fails.

another theory is that the enormous amount of japanese people with perfect pitch is related to southeast asian languages being 'tonal' languages.
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Try playing a bunch of different genres for her
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As soon as possible, honestly.

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