So yeah, basically that. What are songs that most people know that they really enjoy hearing at a campfire? Preferably easy songs, cause I'll need to have them learned by tomorrow.
Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.
If there are lots of people of the opposite sex, I recommend Make it Wit Chu by Queens of the Stone Age. Acoustic version of course.
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The Campire Song Song?

LOL. But only if you dress up like Sponge Bob.
Masticated by the Spasticated always goes down a treat. Failing that, Horse with No Name.
if there are chicks play The Only Exception by Paramore. You WILL leave satisfied if you know what i mean
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And everybody's singin'la, la la la, la la la
i agree with the campfire song
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Dark Black Rivers in the WinterTime
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Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song

What kind of weird-ass camping do you do?
1. Take Pop Song

2. Learn Chord Progression

3. ???

4. Profit!

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I'd say any songs that are constantly played on the radio. In my area I would probably play some songs by The Clarks. You might want to but everyone will be clueless.
Never Gonna Give You Up
The Campfire Song Song
I Cum Blood

Also, I find Say Anything songs are fun to sing along with in groups of people
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Both by Against Me! That is all.

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I assume you just have an acoustic giutar?

Hey Jude/Can't Buy Me Love/A Hard Day's Night/Yellow Submarine/Yesterday/Blackbird/Here Comes The Sun/Something/Let it Be
Imagine/Instant Karma!/Working Class Hero
Wish You Were Here
Losing my Religion/Everybody Hurts
House of the Rising Sun
Time of Your Life
Stairway to Heaven
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Piano Man
Nothing Else Matters
Rockin' in the Free World
Freebird/Sweet Home Alabama/Tuesday's Gone
Peace of Mind
Go Your Own Way/Don't Stop
Sunshine of your Love
American Pie
Hotel California
Summer of 69
Moondance/Brown-Eyed Girl
Turn! Turn! Turn!
Bad Moon Rising/Lodi/Proud Mary/Have you ever seen the Rain?/
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes/Helplessly Hoping
Satisfaction/Paint it, Black
Behind Blue Eyes/Pinball Wizard
Beautiful Day/One/Elevation
Chasing Cars
Blowin' in the Wind/The Times they are a-Changin'/Like a Rolling Stone
The Sound of Silence/America/Mrs. Robinson/Cecilia/The Boxer

...are only a very limited suggestion.
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if there are chicks play The Only Exception by Paramore. You WILL leave satisfied if you know what i mean

Also Hey There Delilah. Oh and this. The girls who don't know it will think it's cute and with any luck think you wrote it, and the girls who do know it will be the ones you know have good taste in music.
If there aren't hot chicks there then just play some Bob Dylan or something.
Come Sail Away - Styx

...I think I might like that song too much. >_>
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Do an acoustic version of Nothing else matters, Tears in heaven and stuff.
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Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song

This is the only correct answer.
Tenaciousness D and Say Anything, basically really fun music.
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****** ****er by david allen coe

EDIT: Nigga f ucka.

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I agree with the Fratellis suggestion earlier.

Pretty much anything simple and catchy that people can sing along with. You don't wanna pull out some slow downer of a song that puts people to sleep even if it does have a sweet solo in it. Campfire music is all about the vocals.
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I second the sublime, "what I got". Any Tom Petty song, most likely last dance with mary jane. Johnny Cash is good. "Sittin at a bar" by Rehab is another easy one that most could sing with cept maybe the lil rap part, but it's not too hard.

And those are just the every person songs. Now it's time for the panty dropper songs.

More than words- Extreme. Hell, even just strummed without the picking still works.
Hey there delilah
A John Mayer song
Jack Johnson song
The only exception- Paramore

End it with some bob dylan and if you're playing knocking on heavens door, knock out the first person that starts singing it like Axl Rose. Let them know it won't be tolerated.
I had a long list of suggestions, but it was somehow deleted....

Try some songs on top 40 radio that ass-loads too much play...

The Only Exception...
Anything John Mayer or Jack Johnson...
Anything on the list seemeel posted...

Thousands of possibilities my fiere...

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If you could somehow play the acoustic version of Colt 45 by Afroman, I bet people would even sing along
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