I've finally taken the plunge and got me my first tube amp. It was a toss up between the Blackstar HT20 and the Egnater Tweaker. Decided on the Blackstar, after jamming for about 2 hours yesterday, I'm positive I made the right decision.

Here's what my first day impressions are:

- Really good cleans
- Reverb can be very deep
- Smooth overdrive
- Its got a massive amount of gain, but its not on the sharp end, so there's no fizz or crack when you put the gain up all the way.
- Loud!! I haven't yet turned it past 9 o'clock, else I'll get kiced out of the house
- Wish it had eq on the clean channel as well, as opposed to just a tone control

I recently got a Russian Big Muff Pi, and I was impressed on how quickly I was able to dial in Gilmourish sounds with this amp. This one's a keeper!

Some pics -> http://flic.kr/p/8FkgqW
My pedalboard -> http://flic.kr/p/8Fkh9u
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Nice setup. Did you already have the Orange cab or did you get it new also? Reason I am asking is wondering if you chose it over the Blackstar cab or just because you already had it. How does it compare to the Blackstar cab if you tried them both? I am looking at the HT- Club 40 myself but have considered the 20.

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@JohnnyNash - I tried the matching cab from Blackstar, but wasn't really impressed with it. They had the Orange cab sitting there, and I'd never heard anything bad about it, so I gave it a shot. But it was a bit out of my budget at full retail. Luckily for me, I found someone selling theirs for less than half the retail price, and I jumped for it

IMO, the stock cab doesn't do the amp justice.
Looks great. I've yet to play the higher wattage Blackstar's, but I also prefer the HT-5 over Egnater's.




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I love that amp. My buddy has one and I jam on it all the time. Have fun with it man! it should be a keeper.

P.S. Buy an EQ pedal and you won't have to worry about the clean channel only having a tone control. It works wonders.
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For everyone who owns a tube amp - when you first turn it on, do you get a particular odd smell? I'm wondering if its just the tubes or if its something I should be worried about.
Not really sure how to describe it. Its certainly not a burning smell of any sorts - that I can easily recognize. The amp head is covered in this leatherish exterior, and its just that "new gear" smell, but gets pretty strong once the amp heats up.
maybe its the ink on the tubes burning off...?

had that with my HT5

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Quote by adityasen

- Wish it had eq on the clean channel as well, as opposed to just a tone control

I thought that the EQ knobs were for both channels, I guess I was wrong!
HNAD! now call out of work and jam.

Edit: Nice cab too
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I didn't get any smell

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^^ I think the G is for gear

Also, the comment about the reverb being deep is a bit of an understatement.