So I'm slowly saving up for an amp. I'm in bands, and I have my heart set on a half stack. The reason for a half stack and not a loud combo is that I want to spend more on the Head, and buy a cheap (still decent) cab. I've been playing for five years, and have had my Peavey Envoy 40 watt for 4 years. I currently play a Gibson Special Faded SG. I want to play Pop-Punk/Hardcore/Metalcore.
Right now, I've been looking at an Orange AD-30 which seems loud enough, and I really dig the Orange sound more than any other amp. My only concern is that 1500 is a lot of money for a solid state, without even a cab.
Marshall is okay, but I want an amp that has crystal clear cleans. If the gain isn't great, I can use my EHX Metal Muff.
A few of my favourite bands:
Pierce the Veil
A Day to Remember
The Wonder Years
Fall out Boy
All time Low
Bring me the Horizon