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Ive been lurking for a while on here, and have a question that you can hopefully help with. I was looking at getting a warmoth neck for my MIM Jazz bass, but had a couple questions. Are the holes drilled for the tuners made to accept the stock ones that are already on my bass? And also...any input on the fretwire? Apparently you can get different sizes (I am assuming that is what the numbers are on the choices that are available for selection). Thanks ahead of time.
You get the holes custom drilled to accommodate whichever tuning heads you want to install.
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What size would I get for the stock ones? Also, anybody got any experience with these necks? Ive heard good things about them, but was hoping for some first hand knowledge.
larger number = thicker, its good for tapping, less hand pressure, easely playability, look in the fender website about your model, there should say somehwere about your tuners, you can always pick the stock measure (fender sized!) and just forget about it hehehe.

EDIT: I tried a warmoth neck, telecaster one, it feels so pro you wont regret it hehehe
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