If you review my music, I will review yours. I promise! I posted 2 new songs in my music website: "Open Door" is the one on top, and "What You're Gonna Be" is the next one down. Please tell me how you like these tunes and how they can be improved. Here is the link:


P.S. I didn't get radio play on October 10th on 88FM as I hoped. The radio station told me I should get played at 8pm on Sunday October 24th (it has been re-scheduled several times). It is supposed to be a 1 hour radio show where it's 90% music, and all of the tunes are mine. This radio station does not currently stream on the internet. But if you live within about 50 miles of Harlingen, Texas, you should be able to hear the station.
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This is really not my style at all but I kinda dig it. Song has a nice groove from the bass, rythm guitars are nice and subtle. I don't like the tone of the led guitar however, and the crash cymbals sound really fake, like single samples.

kudos on getting radio play also!!
Open Door:

I like the song, but there is a ****load of reverb or something on the vocals making it sound like a character from a bad 80s movie.
Also the rhythm guitar tone could use a little work, kinda sounds computer made, asides from those sounds pretty cool, definately has potential.
Mixing-wise, this sounds near perfect, nice guitar tone, bass has just the right amount of attack, good stuff. I'm not a huge indie fan, but this sort of reminds me of Arctic Monkeys/Modest Mouse, and it definitely sounds pleasant to listen to. Vocals could do with a touch less reverb, but that's about it as far as any problems I can hear.
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I'll start by saying something like "totally not my genre". So basically, I'm an average listener here without any musical sense. It's totally awesomely mixed and sounds professional, in less a technical sense, it's very radio friendly. And it's more of "rock" than alternative, a few elements add to "alternative". Rhythm and bass tones are good, lead tone is too "bright" for me, I prefer more of shred deep tone.

Your 2ond one, "what you're gonna be", definetely much more alternative than first one. But for a full song it's kinda short, guitar tone here is much better than in first one.
Very well produced, everything sounds very clean. Not really my style but sounds good for whatever this would be called, I guess like above i would say some sort of rock.

The 2nd tune I think the drums sound really corny. This song is also completely different than the song above. Your guitar tones are really good though.
Thanks for the crit on mine!
I'm reviewing What You're Gonna Be
The first thing that pops out to me is the excellent drums! Very good sound on them. The bass line is really cool, but I feel as though it overpowers the drums a little. I did not like the vocals, but that's just a stylistic taste. The guitar solo was good. Fit the groove in my opinion. Production is very clean, as someone has previously stated. The only things I would change would be to bring out the drums more and maybe change the vocals. Sounds like maybe too much reverb on them.
Other than that, good job!
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just finished listening to open door and must say that im impressed. kind of an 80s or new wave feel going on. i love the little bits of piano you have hiding in the track. a pretty interesting piece of music the only thing i would change would be the guitar solo. just seemed pretty stagnic compared to everything else. but thats just me.
Open Door: I quite liked it. I even liked the vocals - sounds interesting if you listen to the reverb as an effect rather than how reverb is usually used. The crash cymbals do sound a little fake - maybe tone them down a little, also EQ some of the sharp high end off?

I'd try compressing the bass a little or something, nothing major but it was a little all over the place.

Also, I think it might have been a songwriting aspect, but I miss the bass drum. Overall the drums were ok, a little cheap sounding, but they worked.

The guitar tone in the solo is too sharp for my liking. Maybe add some delay?

What you're gonna be: Drums do sound corny. Are they midi? The bass is a bit too loud. Again, maybe some comp and EQ a little off the high/mid frequencies? The guitars are a little powerless, but ok.

I can't make out what you're singing at all, not too sure if I like the effect or not. It's not terrible but not great either. Sorta reminds me of Pink Floyd. Maybe tone it down a little?

I like the lead guitar tone here.
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"Open Door":

-The guitar tone is very grungy. I don't particularly like it myself, it feels kind of flat.
-Lead guitar riff is fairly generic.
-I really like the piano, it is probably the redeeming factor for this song. I would suggest some synths in the background, especially in the chorus. Just some ambient synths in the least.
-The vocals are pretty good, sound very much like The Killers to me.
-I don't really like this chord progression as it sounds very basic and is constantly being played.
-The little solo/melody on the guitar is pretty enjoyable.

For what it is its pretty decent, but to repetitive and out of my style to be thoroughly enjoyed by me.
listening to open door now, i think theres to much fx, in my opinion i would have toned the phaser?? down a little, as well as the heavy reverb, is there anywhere i can download this because i really like it, it unique, and has a wicked cool vibe to it.
theres a lot going on, and in this track it really works, in not one for fantastic critique bit i like it, and thats a good thing,.

in fact im listening through your playlist, and i do hear the cure in there somewhere.

i wish i could fit together tracks without giving up !
Very 80's sounding. Not my style, but I'm not bothered by it. Enjoyed both of them, really. The cymbals do sound like a single sample and it gets kind of annoying. Also, watch out how heavy the effects are on the vocals. It works in areas, but not in others. What You're Gonna Be has some pretty catchy riff work with the wah.

My main gripe would be the overall structure of the songs. They're little movement and the songs feel repetitive.
listened to open door, pretty good stuff. sounds a bit like the smiths but a little more heavy. i feel as though the mixing could be changed up a bit though so that the drums don't sound so electronic and the bass isn't too treble-y. just a suggestion though.

Hey, sorry for late reply, I really like open doors, the piano is great in it, it's reminiscent of good old 80's rock in way, I'm not sure about the chorus on the guitar though, to me it just makes it sound a bit sloppy, apart from that I like the song, and the vocals are up to par
Thanks for checking out my songs!! So I just listened to Open Door I think everything sounded pretty good, but I'm really not a fan the vocals. I think you should have made the vocals sound normal and add more exciting vocal parts, since it just repeats. Maybe add another chord progression?
open door: great quality! don't like the vocal effects, or too much effects...

what you're gonna be: cool riff, vocals are kinda cool too, still maybe a bit too much effects..
It is all very well mixed, it sounds really top quality, and geart tones, guitar tone and bass tone is perfect. Good balance in both. Very indie/alternative and not my style really but I kind of like it :P. Interesting listen/ Nothing really bad apart from a touch of over reverb on some tracks.
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Not incredibly original, but I did enjoy both of them quite alot. The recording is really good, and I think the overuse of reverb add a memorable 'character' to the song, though it does make it abit gimmicky. The tone's were good, and it was well produced. They're both high quality songs, to be honest.
Open door,
-I thought the singing was really cool, nice atmosphere to the track, was a bit predictable though. Not my favourite chord progression, but gets the job done
-Didn't really feel like the song went anywhere (but I feel that way about alot of poppier songs). This could be due to the lack of variety in the singing.
-Piano is really cool, my favourite part.
-Sometimes the effects did seem to get in the way, but again it does contribute to the overall sound.
Open Door - really like the bass line/tone, it drives everything along but it's nice and gritty too. I think the verses are much stronger than the chorus, which really didn't work apart from the bass. TBH I think it's the production that's my main issue, I'd make the vocals much drier and I'd make the guitars much more basic too - less overdrive, get rid of the phaser (I think that's what it is?) and make them spiky and clean. This would fit better with the whole style of the song for me, which is quite like XTC, quite New Wave. A pretty British sound too. Kudos on the basic melody though, it's pretty strong. Maybe a bit of a re-write for the chorus though

What You're Gonna Be - don't like this nearly as much. From a musical stand-point I don't think the vocal melody can stand-up to the one in Open Door and I only quite like the guitar line as well. Production wise the drums are too synthetic sounding for me and whatever's going on with the vocals is just ... odd. So this is a no on this one for me.

Does make me want to check out the rest of your tracks mind, interesting stuff.

Oh, and cheers for listening to my stuff - I'll be putting several more up soon if you'd fancy checking them out?
Just gave Open Door a listen. Cool stuff!

I enjoyed the way you tracked the vocals, it really suited the song. It added a nice texture to the track that worked well. I think the song did suffer from a lack of development though. Everything was fine until after the guitar solo, because it felt like it needed to go somewhere else texturally.

You had established the groove of guitar, piano, bass, and vocals quite well up to that point, but it became gradually more ineffective as the song progressed. I would have really liked to hear you playing stop time or holding out the chords with no rhythmic emphasis going into that last verse before the chorus, and then rocking the chorus out again. I understand that it is a pop song, but for the ideas you created to be effective there needs to be some form of contrast in the song.

Overall I really enjoyed open door. The song form is very solid, but just needs a few tweaks to enhance it in my opinion. If you don't mind checking out some of my bands stuff, I would appreciate hearing what you have to say.
not my taste in music at all.. but really good job on the mix. Everything sounds very well produced. Good job and good luck with your music.
thx for the crit

umm... ok i have no idea what to tell you, this is not even remotely near any genre i enjoy listening to, (which is not just metal). So, i'm going to tell you what the song reminded me of, i won't say whether i think its a good thing or a bad thing, you just take it however you want.

everything untill the singing came in sounded like it could be a song in The Sims. Once the singing came in, it reminded me of Classic Alternative like Duran Duran and such. The lyrics were interesting...

Just an FYI, you should crit a song with a genre you don't know much of and then have them listen to a song they don't know much of...
Thanks for the crit on my song. Much appreciated. As for the returned favour:

Though this isn't my style of music, I can definitely appreciate it. The mix seems a tad on the cluttered side to me, but in could be my speakers (unless you've had the final mix properly mastered afterward). If you did this yourself, try to make sure each instrument fills its own 'niche' in the frequency spectrum, to avoid instruments fighting over each other. The vocals are good, but a little wet for my tastes. This is completely subjective, but the reverb's a little on the intense side. All-in-all, it's got a good feel, and you pull off what you're aiming for well.
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Yeah just work on the drums, with two pages of crits I think you know what I'm going to say, so maybe work on something else for me to crit:p

Ummm I don't the cymbals really bothered me, the singing was alright, not my thing but yeah...
I listened to open door. Like most people here this is definitely not even close to my regular listening style. I find my self gravitating to the piano in this song. Its actually probably the best part of the song. I love the bass grooves going on in this song as well. The guitar tones are all somewhat lacking flavor. Especially the lead lick. I actually didn't mind the reverb on the vocals myself. I thought it went with the style of everything. Where is the kick drum? Other than that the drums were good. I kind of enjoyed the throwback feel to the whole thing. Very well mixed and recorded.
First thanks for the crit.

Open Door:
I love the first piano riff a lot. The tones of the instruments sound great (I like the guitar, I believe a flanger or phaser?). I know some kinda complained about the reverb, I agree its kinda over the top it but I kinda like it...not sure why, but it just fits. The whole sound has a very retro sound. I am not a huge fan of this style of music, but song wasn't bad by any means and I would listen to it over other songs of this genre. The mixing and production sounded very good and professional as well.
Listened to the second one since it had gotten fewer crits. First up, it's not my normal style, but not off by too much from some stuff I'm into. Anyways...

I'm not a fan of the drums, especially into the intro. After that, they get surrounded by everything else so they don't sound as bad. I like the bass and guitar tones, but the singing disoriented me somewhat. It sounds off, if you get what I'm saying. Especially that thing you seem to like to do at the end of your vocal phrases. It also ends without any real warning, I was expecting another 8 bars of solo or something. Good overall, though.
Thank you for listening & for your comments, I appreciate it!

King Turi,
Thank you for the review!

Thank you for your commentary!

Thank you for the kind words!

I appreciate your review!

Thank you for all of your comments!

The drums are part Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 and part Korg TR-Rack driven by an Alesis MMT-8 sequencer. Thank you for the review!

Thanks for the comment!

The piano is Korg TR-Rack. Thank you for the critique!

There is compressor on the electric bass. The drums are 2 synth rack modules, yes MIDI.
Thanks for the commentary!

Thank you for listening & for the review!

Thank you for the comments! Never give up!

Thank you for your review!

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SugarRush66 & FireHawk,
It is actually flanger on the guitar. Thanks for the review!

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Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for the review! Bass drum is there, sometimes it's overwhelmed by the electric bass.
Quite an enjoyable listen, your tracks are great Brit-Movie songs; can't you just imagine them straight in RockNRolla or Lock,Stock?

You have a great 80's hard rock+modern indie feel going. What can I say in terms of guitar? For the style of music you're playing, your stuff goes right with the flow. Maybe a little more depth than just the unusual odd note would be good, but that might take it into another genre I guess. Good work, it's impressive you have over a 100 tracks - I only heard Open Door and What you're going to be and I can say those work.
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open door sounds awesome, really like your vocals and everything is recorded extremely well, great job on it, also really like the addition of the piano track
Open Door: nice little track. the guitar at the beginning is pretty good, I like the effects here. However, that does not apply to the vocals. I think they would sound better if they were 'cleaner', if you know what I mean. The solo is good, if a bit generic, and th rest of the song is okay I suppose.

What you're gonna be: Love the bass tone in the beginning. The guitar complements it nicely; it's a really nice, 'dark' riff. Again, the vocals have a lot of fx, but I think it fits this song better. The bit with the wah is cool, but it kinda drags a bit. Not a bad tune, though, I quite enjoyed it.
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Both tracks sound really nice, good job with the recording. I liked the reverb on the vocals on the first track i thought it suited the style. I love the slightly distorted bass sound, nice and clear. Lead guitar could sound better, maybe more gain or some effects, it sounds a little bland atm. I think you're a good vocalist too. I liked the second track better out of the 2, i love the groove and the bass sounds really nice. Personally i don't like the drum kit, it sounds too cheesy and artificial. I'm not really too fond of the vocal style on this track either and it's kinda hard to tell what the lyrics are. But it sounds nice, i like the lead guitar with the wah and i liked the riffs, really catchy. Both really nice tracks, great job. Thanks for the crit on my song too
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Thank you for listening & commenting!

Thank you for the compliments! "Open Door" was recorded on a Korg D3200 hard disc recorder. Line 6 PodXT on guitar parts, and Bass PodXT on electric bass. Drums & piano are from a Korg TR-Rack synth module. Cheers!