brought this pedal home today... me and the 2 shop guys totally blown away

not much info on this pedal but just to clarify a little from what i know already.
buffered bypass. power supply only.
this thing sounds really organic , i couldnt believe it. ive heard it people calling it a "sustainer" and it does a wonderful job of making it sound like a single string or chord sustaining. no where near emulation. when i first started watching the videos i thought "yeah i could do that by placing a keyboard near my feet" but believe my this thing is unmistakably guitar tone.
oh and the level dial on it is just like a guitar volume knob. find the sweet spot on your amps gain, crank the dial and you get overdrive, roll off and itll clean up.
finally, itll also keep your guitar dynamic too. once again find the sweet spot on your gain. strike an overdriven chord, roll your guitar volume knob down and solo clean over the top. works in reverse too, freeze a clean chord. crank your guitar volume and solo overdrive on top.

ill do a review after a week or so...
i have one of these things built into my HOG, but i never seem to use it. does it come with expression in to control the punch in and volume of the freeze or does it use a selector switch. i will say, if you have the option, the expression is really nice to use on the freeze effect.
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no unfortunately, the volume is dialed in, the 3 way switch controls the attack from instant to fade in/out and latch. latch is press once for freeze effect rather than holding it down. although im sure theyre going to upgrade this pedal, which is why i ran out to try and get the first generation one. i like the the way its designed, upgrades will be cool once they come but im happy with it as is
I picked up a Boss ME-25 because of the freeze function that works with the expression pedal. I love it! I use the freeze and the phrase looper and noodle over it. I also feed a DR-5 drum machine into the aux in. You have to be precise on the phrase looper to get the drums to align when looping, but it's a lot of fun. *** Freeze is awesome ***
I think I could have a lot of fun and come up with some cool stuff if I had one of these pedals. Though I think they're very overpriced for what they are. Oxymoron.
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I got mine for 100 shipped, so pretty good deal. I like it a lot, found myself using it on a couple of songs already.

You mean you didn't build it?!
Have you taken it apart yet to see how it's laid out or anything yet John?
I'm GASing for one pretty bad....wish I had the money to buy one. Things are cool
Actually, no, I haven't haha. I really didn't think to, because it's a digital pedal, so there's really nothing I can do. Plus all of EHX's new Nano line stuff is all SMD parts, I doubt there's anything I can do to it.

One thing I thought I might mind is the "bypass". Technically, the pedal is always on, so I thought there might be some tone sucking. But it sounds pretty good, no noticeable loss of tone. Must be a good buffer.
yeah if i can refrain from buying a reverb pedal, this might be the only digi pedal in my chain. the bypass is very nice though. nothing too noticeable yet, havent had it a week though. tonal snobs will have no problem with this pedal at all from my view, the bypass is clean, the effect is organic. just a matter of trying to test one before the purchase.