I'm selling my Rectoverb combo if anyone is interested. I was just going to copy/paste my ad from another site, but my images are too big to attach on here and I'm too lazy to resize right now so I"ll just link:


I'm asking $800.. located in Omaha, NE just fyi. We can discuss shipping... As far as trades go, I'm currently looking for something with clearer cleans in the vein of Fender reverbs, but also something that can be pushed or has more of a vintage vibe... open to suggestions.

Rectoverbs are amazing i love mine! what series is it?
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For sale Minty Ibanez RGA7 seven string with tour grade hsc $330+s/h or best offer!
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Series 2 I believe,...thanks for the bump. But yeah it is a great amp, it definitely does not sound like it's a 1x12, or 50 watts.
I also forgot to mention that I'm open to offers as well as far as price. I forget you can't edit these posts now (or something... or I can't figure out how to)