Hey, just uploaded this song onto my profile, first time kinda doing this but oh well hope someone likes it haha..

Just had the idea for the song and started playing around and yeah, recorded it on my dodgy PC.. I apologize for the lack of lead guitar skills and the microphone I used was a real cheap PC microphone so yeah, gotta replace it with a real mic and get a pop filter aswell..

But yeah, check it out, tell me what you think, and I'll check out your stuff too.

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Compositionally, I like it. Sounds kinda' original. Production needs some work, though. The vocals are too quiet in the mix, and I'd suggest double-tracking the rythm guitar. The vocals and harmonies were good, but much of the guitar playing, especially the leads, felt rather sloppy. Liked the lead guitar tone, though, and the lead melodies themselves were pretty good, just sloppily played. Also, the drums were a little boring, some variations wouldn't hurt.

All in all, good song, good vocals, work on the production and the guitar playing.