I havent played guitar in a couple years due to work and traveling. I want to get back into it but I need a new guitar. I deffinately know i want a Gibson Flying V and money isnt an issue. Should I buy brand new and install EMG 81/60's like i want or buy a used one already setup. I like new but everyone likes to save time/money. I just dont want to buy one used and have it not be what I expected. Also im gonna buy off the internet so i wont be able to test it out which makes me weary of used. If anyone has advice or reputable used stores please let me know. Thanks alot
Don't ever, ever buy a low-end Gibson on the internet. Their lower-end stuff can be terrible at times and you need to try the guitar you are going to purchase, unless you don't mind having to send it back eventually. Flying Vs are generally low-end models (except for a few limited runs they did).