Smoke the herb it makes them talk to me i can hear them clearly instructing me i need to stop but it takes me to a better place chorus: toxic smoke changing your state of mind i need it to be but then they talk to me i cant shut it out its in my head who is this voice making me insane mental illness? illusions? it seems pretty real to me i sit there quitely it taunts me i know iv lost my mind when i talk back answering my questions laughing in my mind this plant rules my life is it worth the penalty? is it worth the tempery happiness? i cant tell it makes it worth waking the next day melting away my time wasting my life repeat chorus shadows moving beside me is this the evil voice i hear? what the hell is going on i see it when i least expect it what the hell is this thing its observing what i do no-one tells you of these side effects when you fill your lungs "it wont happen to me" it changes how you look at life it changes your personality i cant tell if its worth this shit i need it to be repeat chorus moving through the shadows split second you see it look twice its not there its not there making your life a living nightmare invisible to others visible to you all this from an addiction no high is worth this shit dont listen find out for yourself.. this piece is something i wrote about how cannabis can f*ck up your life it is happening to me problems with depression makes me keep doing it let me know your thoughts on this and how i can make it better peace