Hey guys, just bought me a nice series 1 rectoverb! I am looking at cab options and a little overwhelmed at all my choices. I think I've narrowed it down to a mesa or an avatar cab tho...If I were to go mesa would a rectifier or a stiletto cab better suit my needs? I hear people talking about the rectifier cab being a little boomy? I play mostly modern hard rock, somewhat pop punk, reggae, and blues. I've tried my friends marshall with the celestion 75's in it and it just wasn't my style and I think the v30's are what Im looking for (maybe in combo with 2 other speakers?) Anyway im looking used most likely cause of price restrictions but what are your thoughts between the rectifier, stiletto, and avatar traditional cabs?? thanks!
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Do you still have your Tourmaster? Update your sig.

I can't really speak to the Mesa cabs but I own a Traditional Avatar 212. I hear the Mesa cabs are made really well. "Boomy" may not be a bad thing for what you play. Wait for someone with more Mesa cab experience.

I will say that my Avatar is very well built and sounds great. I went with something less traditional speaker wise and got a G12H30 and a Classic Lead 80. I would also recommend their Hellatone speakers or possibly an Eminence Wizard or ManOWar. Contact Dave over there and get his suggestion as well. Good Luck,