Hey, i was looking with some help with backing up my computer on to my portable hard drive (a LaCie Rugged 500GB)

I'm using a Mac, and i have some 'time machine' software, which i think is a backup, but i don't understand it. Whats a simple way to back up all my files and software?

Im also looking at installing Windows to let me run 3D Studio Max for my Architecture course, so any tips there would be great! I already have bootcamp installed as default, but don't think i have windows already.

cheers for any help!
look at a 1tb western digital hard drive, i got mine for €75 and it's compatable with windows and mac
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try the computer thread

Edit: here's a link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1178317

cheers for that! i wasn't sure if there was a more specific area to post!