I'am looking for a small PA system to use mostly for practice but every now and then I play out in a smallish (100-150 people) place with a full band. So what should I get as far as wattage and what size speakers do you think I need? Thanks!!
First off, I would advise against asking for advice in the Pit. We get a lot of flamers and trolls here, this thread would be better suited to the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum. Don't make another thread though, you'll get some answers here.


My recommendation. If I were you I'd hit up your local Guitar Center and talk to a sales rep as they'll be able to give you more detailed advice and show you products up close and explain just what you're looking for, but I would be looking for around 150-175W. You won't need any more volume than that imho. A friend of mine had a 700W PA system, we rarely turned the master volume on that past two. When I played live in a separate band, we ran everything through a 500W PA and had that at 5 when playing a full sized stage. Not talking coliseum stage, but bigger than some hole in the wall bar. Had enough room for a good 400 people there. Even then we were loud as hell.
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Well you don't need very much at all. Especially considering you only need more wattage as the room gets bigger. I would recommended active speakers with a passive board only because its a lot cheaper that way. Also you might need a monitor or two for playing shows.
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