So I'm paging through the latest Musicians Friend catalogue, and I'm looking at all the handheld digital recorders. Prices from $80-$1850!

I'm not getting the one for $1850, but I don't want junk either.

What do you look for in one of these things? I don't NEED 24 hours of recording time...hell 8 hours would be MORE than enough (I could live with 3 hours).
But I DO want a higher quality sound (24bit/96kHz?). Does that ABILITY to record at 24/96 make a difference if the mics aren't all THAT great? How good ARE the mics?

Will be used mostly for recording practices.

This is my baseline http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Olympus-LS10-Linear-PCM-Recorder?sku=245172
let me know why I should spend more or less, and what suggestions you would make.
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