Nice title, isn't it? I think it caught your attention..

I know there are many other threads about this, but I can't find something about where to ask this.

Anyway(s), let's start from the beginning.

Hello, I am PJ and I am playing guitar 2/3 years now. I have always done it on a crappy (believe me) 50 Euro(')s acoustic (?) guitar.

Now, ofcourse I wanted to buy an electric guitar. But, I am searching for like a year now to get a perfect guitar. I searched for many information about many guitars. I know the basic guitar model, but, I don't know all the things about a guitar like how to mod it and stuff.

Well, basically, I'm looking for a new guitar. I prefer an electric one.

Ofcourse, I am a beginner, I am on my way to become a real good player.

My first question is: What stuff do I need? Ofcourse: a guitar. But, also an amp, strap, plec('s)/picks, cables and stuff. But, do I need effect stuff too? Can anyone give me a list with stuff which a beginner needs to walk the stairway to being a good guitar player?

And, what guitar and amp do I need? I don't need a big, gig amp or something, I want a beginner amp for practicing and playing with. And what guitar?

All the stuff have to be good quality!

My price is below 1000, because I am a beginner, but it has to be of very good quality.

Also, I don't know if those 'packages' are good or not.

Well, if people could help me on my way, we could get a lot further
IMO any starter pack will do the job but if you want quality, then you'll have to go to a music store to try it out yourself.

and since its your first electric guitar it will be better to experience it first hand so that u will know what kind of material, wood, tone. etc that feels comfortable to you.
get a hartke or vox amp and a p.r.s guitar. or some kind of les paul copy. epiphone.
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It really depends on the sound you want, if you want something versatile i would recommend a Valvetronix Amp by Vox, the 112 its enough for practice to small\medium gigs, it have a lot of amps to choose from clean to high gain models... also include basic effects so you can try and decide if the effects are required in the sound that you are looking for...
And the guitar you can get something very versatile by getting a MIM Fender or an Epiphone also like Dimefromhell12 said, you will pay a lot less than 1000 and have a setup that is way better that some players that I gig with....

Beginner Tip: Fender Frontman Amps are not good for beginner/pro/recording (based on my experience obviously) don't let the brand name catch you....
1000 what?

what part of the planet are you on? markets vary widely.

what kind of music?

do your parents complain about the acoustic ever being too loud? (it happens)

edit: euros, got it. oops
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Euros i think greg if you read his post.

I would say go get something like a vyper and a decent epiphone/fender MIM.

good setup to explore the things you like and then have enough to branch out into the specific gear for the sounds you decide you want.

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vypyr 30W is a sure-in because it has good effects and the best range of amp models. I would go for an HSS or HSH strat, something like an Ibanez or epiphone
Why do you want beginner gear if you've been playing for 2/3 years? Maybe look at getting a 6505+ 112 combo amplifier and an Ibanez RG guitar?
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Why do you want beginner gear if you've been playing for 2/3 years? Maybe look at getting a 6505+ 112 combo amplifier and an Ibanez RG guitar?

I'm sad because I know your serious.

TS honestly get some mid range gear, 2nd hand if you can, just to see if you like playing electric guitar.

Its a whole different beast to the acoustic and you may find you dont like it. I am assuming that your in Europe, so maybe look for a 2nd hand Peavey Vyper modeling amp, they are good enough for playing in yoru room and the 30watt version is loud enough to play with a drummer.

Also in Europe Epiphone guitars are of a better quality than those for sale in the US so look into maybe an Epi SG or a 2nd hand MIM Strat and just go from there.

Then if you decide you enjoy playing guitar and using that gear you be able to learn what sounds and styles you like and be able to go from there with future gear buying decisions.

Also if you go 2nd hand that stuff will all come in at around half your budget so if you decide you hate it you wont be too out of pocket and will get some of your money back on it all.

Good luck


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I think for amp and effects the Roland Cube is the best amp money can buy, which has all the on-board effects anyone would really need.

I would personally go for either a Squier or an Epiphone as a first intermediate guitar. They are well made and are well priced. I have a HSS Squier Stratocaster and she's a beaut!
Thank you for the answers so far, but I still can't make up my mind.

I forgot to say I am left(-)handed. I read something in another thread about someone who is left(-)handed too and forgot to mention it, but now I also did it/that

I don't like buying used stuff, it gives me a bad feeling.. I am looking for new stuff.

My budget is under 1000(Cash). I have more money, but I don't want to spend a lot on my first stuff.

Also, can someone tell me if those beginner packs are of good quality? I always think that cheap stuff is of bad quality, just like beginner packs.

I want to make all kinds of music. I love all kinds of Metal/Rock and many other music types.

Also, I don't know if Squier is like a good brand, because it is actually a Fender brand (right?) and that it is some kind of rip-off? I think it is the same with Epiphone and other stuff.

I don't want a 500(Cash) guitar or amp, because I am a beginner and I don't know what all exactly is. I want to find the perfect guitar after trying other guitars and finding the exact type of guitar I want.

Well, I hope this helps some more. Thank you again for all the help!
Peavey Vyper 30

Epiphone G400 or a HSS Squier or MIM Fender strat.

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Is Peavey a good brand?

Idea! I ask questions and you people answer it and so, we can find the answers!

First question:

Are guitar(-)packs good? (Packs with guitar, amp, strap, ...)
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no not always.

for your budget what has been reccomended is the best thing you can get.

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Okay, why not? I still don't know what to do..

John Petrucci? No
starter packs are

usually the amp is complete trash.

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Peavey Vyper 30

Epiphone G400 or a HSS Squier or MIM Fender strat.

this would be a good place to start. go try these if you can.
You're a beginner in electric so don't waste more than 700euros on the amp and guitar. It isn't worth it.
I don't recommend the starter packs because the quality is just crap.

What I recommend to you is the Peavey Vypyr 30W Amp by Peavey.
It has a lot of quality, a lot of effects so you can have a wide range of sounds and it also is one of the best ( not to say the best) 30w multieffect amp you can get.

Now about the guitar, if you want quality and a guitar made for you, you have but YOU HAVE TO TRY IT OUT. Go to a store and try a lot of guitars. Different shapes sizes necks try it all and find the right one for you for about 500/600euros.

I recommend a Stratocaster or a Les Paul model.

Keep on rockin' !
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So, I looked at the Peavey Vypyr model and I think it is cool. But, Peavey also has many more models, so I don't know the best one.

I have more questions for you to answer! I am still on my way to reach the end
  • Is Peavey a good brand?
  • What is the best Peavey amp (for beginners)?
  • What other stuff do I need (pedals, ...)? I know I need a tuner, ..., but what stuff in the amp(-)'zone'?
  • Do I need cables? For what?
  • I heard Peavey amps (Vypyr) are bad and break fast, is this true?
  • Still get one? Or not?

More questions later!
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Get a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal--very versatile, rock, grunge, country, blues, SOME metal.
I would suggest a Fender MIM strat HSS-_fat strat. IMO-a very versatile axe. It's your choice.
|AMP's---I could tell you my opinion...well, I would get a USED amp; I would look for a vintage tube amp. Like a 10 watt with a 8 inch speaker. Thats me.
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Is Peavey a good brand? A great brand and one of the most famous amp brands of all time.

What is the best Peavey amp (for beginners)? The Vypyr, hands down.

What other stuff do I need (pedals, ...)? I know I need a tuner, ..., but what stuff in the amp(-)'zone'? Nobody can really tell you which pedals you need. Lots of people don't use pedals at all. A tuner is needed and besides that it's all up to taste.

Do I need cables? For what? Youll need one cable to run into your amp. If you're using pedals, it'll look like this. Guitar > cable > pedal > cable > amp.

I heard Peavey amps (Vypyr) are bad and break fast, is this true? No. Any problems the vypyr had when it first came out have been solved.

Still get one? Or not? I'd recommend one. One of the best parts about getting a modeling amp is that you get to experience all different kinds of amps in one. That way, you can learn what kind of amp you like best by comparing.
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Well, after searching more.. I didn't find anything new..
  • Do I really need only one cable?
  • Okay, so pedals are optional? I don't need them?
  • What amp model do I need (Tube, ...)? I know there are many, but I want a good beginner model and not something for more experienced players.

I also looked at Line 6: isn't that a good brand? I think Line 6 amps are like Peavey amps, right?

Also, my budget for the/an amp is around 300 (Cash). I have more money to spend, but don't want to spend it all.
If you have a budget of 1000 euros, I wouldn't recommend a started pack, you can do far better.

MiM Fender HSS Strat or 2 Humbucker Telecaster for a guitar I'd recommend, I don't see a point of going Squire, you may as well get a decent midrange guitar now if you can afford it, or you will be wanting to upgrade in a few months anyway.

I can't really help you with amps I'm afraid, but as for effects I'd wait until you figure out what kind of songs you will be playing, then you come to realise what you might need and what you probably won't. Or get a decent modeling amp, then that will help you figure out the effects you will want to/need to use.

Also, I'd recommend buying lots of variations of picks and seeing which ones feel most comfortable. I recommend Jazz III's, but that might not suit you, so put a bit of money aside for that, it won't need to be much and it will help in the long run.

Edit - I always have 2 leads, incase one craps out on you at any time.
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