My shower has a nozzle right the middle you have to push either left or right. Just touch it slightly and it changes 30 degrees it seems.
I have a pretty sensitive one too, I got burned in the first few times I used it but you it becomes a habit after a while.
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did you make that FUUUUUUUUUU- just for this thread
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You like Lamb of God, so you're awesome.
I have a mixer one and just start off cool and then heat it up for a few seconds until it's at a comfortable temp
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did you make that FUUUUUUUUUU- just for this thread

I think he made the thread just because he made that fu- pic.
Not really but if someone is using the kitchen tap the water turns stone cold in which point I lay out a little yelp and curse like mad..
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nope, you're the only one TS.
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We still bathe in rivers and streams here so...
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My old shower was like that. The new one is worse. You can get it up to perfect temperature, but it drops steadily until you have to turn in up again. Eventually you can't turn it up anymore and you're left with a spray of water that's steadily getting less comfortable to bathe in.
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Mine too, and the condo keeps the water at scolding temp so it works for more units. I keep my spin washer in there for my washing but also so I can't bump it and scald myself.
Problem now is I have forgotten to unplug the washer a few times so I might die from electric shock one day.
At home, it doesn't. The one in my university room is horrific for doing this, though. You have to use the shower in the 10 seconds it takes to go from boiling to freezing or vice versa. Ridiculous.

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