Seriously? What could those cute little pink sperm things that you get as a kid have to do with Hitler? Apparently a lot. The creator of them is a rabid anti-semite that funnels money to The Aryan Nations. Sounds unbelievable right? Crazy even.



It's a pretty interesting article. Have fun.
That's stupidly retarded
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The creator of them is a rabid anti-semite that funnels money to The Aryan Nations

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That article was published in 2000. That's old as hell for something on the Internet.

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WTF is a Sea Monkey?
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WTF is a Sea Monkey?

Some weird ass monkey-mermaid hybrid...

I wish...

No, but they're really little fish... That's all I know.

cause i dont like you

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Now I can call sea monkeys racist. Thank you for this news!
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I doubt that would stop me from purchasing a Sea Monkey, in fact I think I will go buy one.




I now have a Sea Monkey army, you all shall bow down before me.
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i accidentally dropped mine on the floor when i was a kid and they all died
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i acidently boiled mine :/ kept them on windowsill in heat wave came back form school :'( :'( :'(
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i new the sneaky little bastard was up to something
The article seems to be the tale of a journalist thinking he has a really great story, and then realising that actually he doesn't, and so he just leaves it all open ended like it's some kind of conspiracy theory that he can't be too emphatic about.

Though I'll feel bad if it turns out they really did fund hate groups. I bought a fair few.

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i accidentally dropped mine on the floor when i was a kid and they all died

This made me laugh so much...
It all makes perfect sense now. "Sea monkeys." I always wondered why they were called that.

I think TS is onto something. Those sneak, rascist bastards.

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i accidentally dropped mine on the floor when i was a kid and they all died

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i accidentally dropped mine on the floor when i was a kid and they all died

Von Braunhut also wrote the 32-page handbook that is included in most Sea Monkey kits to this day, which states that the creatures can be hypnotized, play baseball and rise from the dead

Not to worry.
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If only you could back that statement up.
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I remember the South Park episode with Sea Monkeys, that was funny.
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So, wait, the creator is a white supremacist? A white supremacist who also happens to be Jewish?


But I used to have some Sea Monkeys when I was a little kid. I'm rather angry about this.
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might wanna at least LOOK at the OP before demandin one
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not hated
It's pretty ****ed how these people can go on about how they dedicate their lives to figuring out new and better ways to lie to children.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...