This song is about an article I read last year around christmas. The article is about a young couple who go to the hospital to have their first child. Once the baby is born, it's heart stops and soon after so does the mothers. Miraculously, both hearts start beating again no problem and both the baby and the mother are fine. So i wrote this from the fathers point of view.

Let me know what you think!

Our lives were just about to begin
A new life would breath without a sin
You told me you'd never look away
But would you ever look at me again
Her time ran out before she flipped the hour glass
But what they didn't know is she found another path

I've never felt so alone
How could I ever
Have been left here on my own
on my own

My life laid broken right in front of me
But somethin told me I should be at ease
I took her hand and looked in her God given eyes
From then on i'd never felt so alive

I could only whisper
What i'd just seen
Because I would have to linger
In what could've became of me
became of me
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