I decided to tear into my DS-1 to see if I could make a positive change. I opted for Erik Hansen's "Mod 1" since all of the parts were available at my local Radio Shack (I know, probably not the best quality, but this is an experiment, after all.) Was pretty easy to do, only 5 changes to make. It still sounds like a DS-1, but a little less artificial. I will know a little more when I use it during band practice at normal volume.
I still feel the pedal is too shrill and I really need to back the tone control down a lot.

I would like to try the Keeley Seeing Eye/Ultra mod, but I need to order the parts and that is a lot more involved.

This only cost me $5.89 out-the-door for all the parts - not too shabby.
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Cool. Why don't you upload an MP3 so we can hear the difference?
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try Monte Allum's 'Rectifier' mod.
i most certainly was suprised.
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