Hi, my name is Liam

My bass playing friend and I having been writing songs together for a while now and we really want a drummer so we can finish these songs properly and play them live.

We're both in our late teens and we would prefer someone who is 16+ but we can of course make exceptions if we think you're perfect for the place.

We need someone who is competent and is very committed.

We have a very big vision, we imagine playing our songs in foggy venues, lighting the room with our LED lights that we have customized to fit our amplifiers, pedalboards etc. and we are very into a good stage presence and look.

Our music is very original: Reverb guitars, dynamic, crazy effects, synths and powerful choruses. Has a strong sense of indie, shoegaze and post-punk.

Our influences: Oasis, Kings Of Leon, HIM, Kill Hannah, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Placebo, The Fauns, My Bloody Valentine, The xx and many more.

If you are sincerely interested, please contact me and we will begin to discuss a jam session and whatnot.

Thanks, Liam

P.S My mobile number - 07775216005

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