blugrass floating on the
breeze that rocks the
grasses waving goodbye in the wind
doing a little a dance to the wanderer
in fields
floating on by.
little stereo by my side
chewing on straw in a vague
nod to the world -
i know her in the barley and
the flies that hover
waiting for the sound the never comes -
of a city man
breaking his bottles in despair
under the lazy afternoon sun.
just the sweet white wine
cool on the mind
easy on the pains
of a love i left behind.
world -
you be me
and i'll be you
dusk can come and
insects can settle
homely on me
and fruit can ripen
rooted deep.
you can turn off your music
and your smile can fade a little
and you can see yourself in the sunset
floating on by.
you own a car
the keys rest uncomfortably in your pocket
world -
drive home.
injure the evening air with
the roar of internal combustion
meet city streets
familiar with a mess of faces
climb the stairs to cold room
and lonliness.
bats are a warm chaos under a warm sky
weightless when they hang from the branches
of a big old oak
in the meadow.

love is a dog from hell.

bah i was just missing your writing the other day. This fixed that. You really got it chris. Love it.
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Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
you really have sense for the small things that can mean everything for a moment. it's good to see you post again. i enjoyed this.
very, very enjoyed. you paint a beautiful atmosphere, you breathe out some beautiful movement. just... ahhh.

only nitpick - 'homely' sounded a little awkward. perhaps I'm just not used to it, but do you think there's an alternative that fits better, maybe humbly or comfortably?
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This is the best thing I've read all month.

"sound the never comes"

Do you mean "that never comes"?

I'm glad I read this, I thought you were dead.