So, we have a material of 15-20 songs (covers and originals) and we are planning to do a very BIG gig in the central square of our little island (3000 maybe 4000 people)...... For those to ask, Im gonna tell you that there is not one single venue here in the island, because people only care musically about, you know how greek music is, and this is it!!!! Nevertheless, we are gonna do the gig, but there is only one music engineer here, and he ask us 500 euros for the organising of one gig..... He is gonna set up the equipment, monitors, speaker, lights etc but he asks for 500 euros and we obviously cant afford the money..... BUT WE REALLY WANT TO DO THE GIG!!!

So, i want to ask, is that expensive???? or is it a normal price???? we are very inexperinced in these kind of issues....

Also, are there any tips on organising this type of event..... As it seems, we are on this on our own, and all the responsibilities are on us..... Any piece of advice would be helpful because this is only our 2nd gig........ Anything.......

Thanks in the advance!!!!

P.S. Excuse me for my awful english....... its not my mother tongue.......
as far as typical rates, it depends on what gear he's providing, which, for 4K people, probably a lot, in which case I say it's a fair deal.

if he shows up with a couple 15" and a small board, you've been ripped off.
If there isn't one single venue on the island, what's a sound engineer doing there? Why would he have equipment loud enough to entertain the entire island?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
3000 people in the open air is going to require some serious equipment so 500Euro seems reasonable.
oh, excuse me for the misunderstanding, I meant that the population of the island are 3-4.000 people, not that we expect them to come to our gig...... But, well, in our first gig there were 100-150 people because all these gigs are something BIG for the island, even though from amateur bands....... the music engineer is a little inexperienced in terms of rock music, he is actually here only 3 months a year (he normally lives in Athens, he works there, so his equipment is there, he is a music engineer in a venue in Athens were greek music is played) but its all we have got so we have to compromise...... 500 euros are normal for that???? mind that he has to take his whole equipment from Athens in order to cover our gig......

P.S. because its a public place, we are not allowed to have tickets, so there is a free entrance, we have a perimssion to use the place from the Mayor, but we cannot use it for financial purpoises, so, no ticket....... This means that we cannot get any money from this aspect..... So, how can we find 500 euros for our gig????
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What if you make a benefit concert and charge an entrance fee to cover the expenses and to help a local charity, all of the money goes to a good cause and 500 for the sound guy.
Vendetta's got the right idea!
by US standards, hell no, I'd never pay that so 100-150 could hear me... but you seem kinda' screwed. personally, I'd back out. there is no financial upside to this for you.
OK, I used to organise a lot of open air free concerts and festivals way back. Because no-one is paying they will accept whatever standard you can offer, and because you personally are not benefiting people will not mind helping you out.

If there are other bands on the island get together with them and put on the gig together, or just try to borrow as much equipment as possible.

Ask around the local council and local businesses for small donations so you have a small budget. Agree that any profit will be passed on to charity. Alternatively, if your laws and customs allow it pass round a hat at the end of the gig asking for donations, take out expenses and pass the rest on to a charity.

500 euros is not unreasonable for shipping out this equipment and setting it up but it is still enough to actually buy some PA gear. 1500 euros will buy a PA outright so if you want to do this more than once it is more sensible to start building up your own gear.

If you need advice on PA then go to my articles in the columns, here are a couple of links to start you off

Good luck with all this. Your English is good by the way.
Thank you all for the great advice, Ill try to take Vendetta΄s advice and try to find some sponsors or something to collect some money, if not, Ill see what I can do.... We ask the local council but they say that they are restricted to keep expenses low, because of the well-known financial crisis that Greece is up to.... They say they would be glad to help, but there is no money, however they give us the space for the gig for free...........

So, thats all for now, Ill come back to keep you up-to-date......
hmm maybe contact foreign embassies?? that thing can work. like sponsoring for arts is usually a reputation plus so...
just talk to every brand you think might be able to contribute.. and when talking say that you are negotiating with other companies too so they know it's not just a shot in the air... be serious and act as if you know your biz (you do, right? )