hi, i was playing a few guitars at the shop the other day. and the epiphone dot really stood out to me, but i thought id ask how this guitar will go playing rock orientated stuff. i loved the cleans but obviously no bass and drums there to test how itl cut through with overdriven rock.

so how will it do? thanks
It'll do just fine.

They're nice semihollows, especially for the price. What kind of rock will you be playing? Semihollows have a higher chance of feedback with more gain/stage volume, but that's easy enough to remedy.
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i play mostly traditional kinda rock, older creed kinda stuff. with clean breaks and distorted chorus and build ups, with mixed clean and overdriven leads etc. nothing flashy.

call me odd, but i prefured the tones of this over a les paul. lol
I have an Epiphone DOT studio. I bought it as a cheapo, beat-around guitar for when I wen to Iraq, and it turned out to be one of my better purchases. It can get a very heavy sounding tone if you know how to run your settings.

They're great guitars for the price. One of the few that Epiphone hasn't started to jack up in price because of their popularity. Find one that plays well, and hold on to it.
cool, thanks for that, im also going to look at the prs se hollow body one also,

its great the dot does good heavy stuff, was my main concern with it.