Apparently I underestimated the amount of classes I needed to graduate and it turns out I'm going to need 4 more upper level classes (3000-4000 level at my uni). I want to take them during the summer and get everything over with.
My question is, do they usually offer upper level classes during the summer? These types of classes are usually the smaller type classes during normal semesters. I would imagine summer sessions are good for taking classes like Bio or Chem.
My university offered all levels of classes during summer sessions. The selection is slightly less diverse than during the regular semesters though.
They usually do offer some upper division classes but not all of them, at least not at my University. Most universities offer a catalogue of the classes they offer in the summer either online or in paper. Just check out what your universities website says
edit: And yes summer is a great time to take bio and chem classes, that's what I did when I was in school. Long ass hours though because they gotta cover the material in like half the time so be ready to put in some serious work.
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