I know the title won't attract many people lol but here's the short story on why I did this song.

A friend of mine had asked me to learn this song for her so I did. I had come up with a decent acoustic arrangement for the song so I decided to take the vocal track and record my own acoustic version on top of it. It turned out ok I mean I use Adobe Audition and a Rock Band mic duct taped to my desk to record. I decided to post it because I've posted other stuff before mostly my own original stuff but no one every watches it so I thought if I posted a popular song, people would watch it.

Here's the link, let me know what you think. If you like it or if you don't and I'm open to any constructive criticism.


I have other stuff that I did on FL Studio on my channel.
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Would have been more impressed if you were singing it... However, the guitar was nice (y)

haha well one of the reasons I did this was also because I don't have a great singing voice which lead to me looking for the vocal track for about 2 days lol and thank you