Hey, I'm trying to set up a decent quality method of recording in my bedroom. This is the gear I have so far:

Microphone (SM57)

Is it a good idea to buy one of these http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/85318
To connect the mic to the computer? And is there anything I have missed out?
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I'd buy the line 6 POD instead of the tascam. You'll have more options to alter your sound.
For very basic recording I'd use the apple garageband programme
Get something like this:

I picked up a fast track pro on eBay for less that £100. With these you can plug a jack or xlr into it and they have phantom power if you wish to use a condeser mic that requires phantom power.

Then I'd run protools/cubase or similar DAW, you can download quite a few different DAW for free on certain websites.

Then I'd recomend running Amplitube 3 in your DAW which you can also obtain for free from the aforementioned websites. Amplitube is by far the best modelling software i've encountered.

There you go, great sounding guitar tracks and there's no mic needed. If you have a mic that's an added bonus you can experiment with.

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