So I'm thinking about replacing the neck and bridge pickups in my Ibanez 370DX.

Info: My amp is a Randall RG100G3, and I'm pretty happy with it. I like to play everything from Blues to Black Metal, but mainly focus on Hard Rock and Metal, so relatively high output. I want passive pickups as I find active pickups to sound somewhat sterile.

I've been doing my research and I've thought about getting a BKP Nailbomb or Warpig, or Dimarzio X2N, Breed, Crunch Lab and Tone Zone. The problem with the BKP's is their price, and the fact that I'd have to ship them to Iceland, otherwise I'd probably get them.

Any suggestions?
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really up to you. BKPs are nice (I haven't tried those ones, though), but it depends on how much of a premium you're paying. I'd have thought duncans and dimarzio would be dear in iceland too (as they are in europe), but I could be wrong.

I'd probably go for something alnico V, reasonably high output (but not brootal output, medium to medium high) if you need them to be versatile enough to cope with lower gain stuff too...
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