Just a rough recording of a song idea for my band

No editing has been done to it yet, and the sound is a bit meh, but it gives you a idea of the song, i'm also working on more riffs and ideas for it, but i don't know if i will add them.

C4C i'll crit anything you want if you do the same to mine
So far on Track#1, this sounds heavier than anything I've heard Paramore do (which is not a bad thing). The guitar that comes in at 1:45 sounds out of place, I would ditch that little guitar part. It feels like it needs vocals. But otherwise, it sounds good (guitars, bass & drums). Surprising transition at about 3:00, I bit discordant for my taste there, but all the guitar playing is pretty tight. Track#2: wild intro guitar riff (cool)! Not sure about that constant cymbal: it plays too often for my taste. I would like to see you develop that one some more. I like most of what you have going on. Please review my music at this link: