Poll: Should Btones be sent to negotiate with the aliens when they're raping our wimminz?
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Yeah, totally.
2 22%
2 22%
Yeah, good luck with that, Butt-mints.
5 56%
Voters: 9.
So i've noticed, all of my life, I've had a sort of connection with people and animals. When I am around animals, even the most traumatized, abused animals seem to trust me with ease. When I enter a pasture, the cows moo at me and will not shut the fck up until I pet them.

I also seem to make friends with people really easily, I don't know if this is just on account of me not being an asshole though. i've been told I'd make a great therapist, or vet tech.

So, in evaluation of myself, I think I should be appointed to ambassador of earth when the extra-terrestrials arrive on the scene, because I would be best suited to make them feel at ease and whatnot. Or they just vaporize me. Whatever.

TL;DR would I make a good alien-man medium, or would I just get bad poetry read at me? Oh, and just so this isn't an autofellatio fest, how many of you feel a connection to everything? Y'know, empathetic to animals and whatnot.

Poll coming, with obligatory silly answer.
I know what you mean, I'm actually really good with animals, but maybe that comes from just appreciating them so much.

Psychologically speaking, it's probably not that the animal trusts us so much, but that by feeling we understand it, we feel comfortable around it and there for think it feels comfortable around us.
Oh f*ck it,
I'm gonna have a party.
I had the blankest year,
I watched life turn into a TV show.
It was totally weird.
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White are
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Red and yellow then came to be
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Lets me see.
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I think we should just play some Deftones to them aliens.