I usually play mostly rhythm, but my friends bringing his guitar to school Monday and I WANs learn some classic rock songs that are recognizable. I can play Purple Haze, Day Tripper, and some other U2 Green Day Ramones and a couple of other songs. Just wondering what songs you guys would recommend. I guess I'm average player, but I don't often play lead. Just looking for recommendations
Any AC/DC song, really. I played a lot of AC/DC when I started learning, so if you're an average player learning them will be a snap. Plus most are pretty cool and a lot are recognizable. Most people will recognize Thunderstruck or Hells Bells or Dirty Deeds or TNT.

They're pretty good for learning leads, too. All pentatonic/blues scale based.
Well, the Doors is usually pretty easy. Very rarely did Robby Krieger (their guitarist) solo. So, it's all basically rhythm.
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most of guns n roses songs are easy, though it may take a few times to get it right

no guns songs aren`t that easy. Metallica aint so easy, but there are a few easy riifs
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