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What for? To remember stuff you write?
If so then anything will pretty much do as long as you can hear what you're playing...
If it's for anything else, don't bother cause it won't sound good...

its so i can pretty much do demo recordings and send to my friends and family
i have a Zoom H2 and quite like it. cost me about AU$450 but that was a few years ago and in Australia, and everything tends to be overpriced here. i think Iommi uses the H4 on the road, so idk, check them out.

there are heaps of them on ebay for about this much

i use mine for recording riffs, licks etc so i don't forget them, and occassionally recording full songs with my band. the recordings are timestamped and everything so you know what date you recorded it and everything.. they can get quite a surprisingly clear sound. that's the H2 anyway, now that the H4's around i think you can plug right into it. but yeah, it'd be fine for recording to show your family and friends.
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looks quite affordable compared to the others and the reviews on the B&H website seem great....I'd probably get it if I were buying a recorder for tracking ideas or basic things...

Just don't drop it...it's made of cheap plastic from what I've read.